Note! We are changing the name: soon Zakupki.Prom will become Zakupivli.Pro

About the Platform - is the largest electronic platform for public and commercial trading, a project of the EVO, and the official participant of the public electronic procurement system Prozorro.

In 2014 became a co-founder of a new system of transparent public electronic procurements Prozorro. As a part of this system a new marketplace was launched and accredited with all 5 levels of accreditation.

Today on public and local authorities as well as public and commercial enterprises hold their tenders when business representatives submit their proposals (bids) and participate in procurements. The terms of tenders are transparent, proposals from participants are open and the best offer wins.

Large companies also hold commercial tenders on the platform that gives them an opportunity to use all the advantages of electronic form for procurements.

Since 2016 joined the initiative Prozorro.Sale – system designed according to the principles Prozorro for the sale property and assets of the banks in liquidation by Guarantee Fund of Ukraine deposits of individuals. auctions for the sale of state property appear on is not just a place for holiding tenders and auctions but also a resource that provides quality service to users: from the most correct and comfortable participation in procurements to signing contract.

Daily more than 30 IT-professionals ensure security and improve the product that makes using the platform comfortable and easy while 50 account-managers and customer service employees support, train and consult clients. team regularly conduct trainings as well as Forum.Zakupki is the largest industry event in the field of procurement and award Zakupki.TheBest.