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Why we are chosen?

Zakupki.prom.ua - is the largest commercial procurement platform. A simple and effective business solution. We help Ukrainian companies to cooperate on terms favorable to everyone.

10 billion

average competition in a tender

8 700

tenders is announced in the system

10 billion

UAH total procurement volume

How does the system works?

Commercial tenders and purchases in Ukraine. Large selection of commercial purchases from all over Ukraine at the site {}


The purchaser publishes a tender through one of the platforms in the system.


The suppliers from the all platforms view this published purchase.


The suppliers submit proposals and participate in auction to reduction of price.


The proposal with the best price wins, if it corresponds the conditions of tender.

Valuable instruments which we offer:

  • Convenient and functional cabinet
  • Personal manager-adviser
  • Fast and accurate tender search
  • Emails with new tenders on chosen categories
  • Team of a suppliers engagement to your tender
  • Analytical tools for customer and supplier

Only 4 simple steps

For successful purchase

  • Sign up 01 01
  • Publish a purchase 02 02
  • Choose a best proposal 03 03
  • Make a deal 04 04

For profitable order

  • Sign up 01
  • Choose a tender 02
  • Make a proposal 03
  • Conclude a treaty 04

Effective service for your needs

Benefits for customer

  • Economy in implementation and training of the personnel
  • Purchases with the best prices due to participants high competition
  • Huge audience of suppliers

New market

  • Growing base of tenders from all Ukraine
  • Clear competition conditions common to all participants
  • Electronic tenders are safe, quick, without corrupt practice

Auctions for business

  • Quick and profitable deals
  • The market of commercial property of all categories
  • Sell surpluses, acquire resources, - let all works to you!

Choose your tender!

You find tenders with title of the subject or company-customer, or take advantage of clever filters, in order quickly to choose the most interesting purchases.

8 700
8 700

procurement conducted

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They talk about us

Yury Didenko,

Head of the Procurement department, Wolya-Kabel

At Zakupki.prom.ua, we have been making purchases since December 2016, that is, almost from the beginning of the system. Before that, we were already familiar with the work of electronic tenders, so we immediately decided to try a new tool. We realized that they were right: the system has advantages that meet both the procurement policy and the idea of the company in general.

Natalia Butunets

the specialist of Procurement department, Watsons

The system of electronic tender is a real way to optimise process of procurement. We use it in that case, when all purchase can be reduced to flat price to goods / service, with which auction will start. For example - storage equipment, office goods, trade equipment etc. In purchase of goods from these categories primary factor is price. With the using of the system our economy accounts for up to 30% from scheduled cost of purchases.

Alexander Bul'ba

CEO of Nova Poshta

“Nova Poshta” works in the system of commercial electronic purchases through trade platform Zakupki.Prom.ua. In our opinion, there are many advantages in use of modern online-tools: transparent tenders, expansion of the base of suppliers and increase of competition between them. We see price tendencies of the market, it gives guiding lines for advanced planning. And the main plus is expenditures optimisation. For three months during pilot project we managed to save 3 million UAH. That started the key argument so that to make decision to continue.

They choose us

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