Public customers work in the system and have free-of-charge support pursuant to the decree of the Government of Ukraine No.166 dated February 24, 2016.

Private customers work pursuant to the regulations of the commercial procurements.
Public procurements
Commercial procurements without VAT*
Creation of and work with procurements
Publishing procurement plans
Publishing procurement reports
Announcements of requests for price proposals, closed tenders and competitive selection (participation of suppliers is free)
3000 UAH for 30 days
8100 UAH for 3 months
15840 UAH for 6 months
30600 UAH for 12 months
Procurement announcements of any type (free participation of suppliers)
6000 UAH for 30 days
17100 UAH for 3 months
32400 UAH for 6 months
58800 UAH for 12 months
Publishing procurement contracts
Granting employees access to the platform
Automatically notify suppliers on announced bidding
free of charge
Manager advice
free of charge
Training and support
free of charge

*Transactions exempted from VAT in accordance with clause 26¹ of subsection 2 of section XX of the Tax Code of Ukraine